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Luckily Iím not the only Tina Turner Fan and or collector of all kinds of Tina stuff.

By these useful links next to this frame, you easily can find or visit some good Tina websites.

At these sites you will find much more links, but it is too much to give all these options at this site.

Do you find or have another fine Tina Turner Link, please let me know through the email link below.


Links to Tina Turner websites


Tina Turner BelgiŽ Simply The Best

Official Tina Turner

Tina Turner United Kingdom

Tina Turner Something Special

Tina Turner The Netherlands

Tina Turner Germany

Tina Turner Luebeck

Capitol Music

International Tina Turner Fansite


In concert

Tina's newest double CD "All the Best" 2004 released in Europe and 2005 released in the USA

Featuring Tina's newest song "The Game Of Love" released 2007