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At the 26th of November 1939 Tina Turner was born as Anna Mae Bullock in Brownsville, Tennessee USA, as daughter of Richard en Zelma. Tina's father Richard was overseer at a cotton farm. Her mother Zelma was partly Indian. After her parents divorce her grandmother took care of her in a town called Nut Bush, Tennessee. Tina was very interested in music as a child and most of all she liked Rhythm and Blues. She took part at a lot of talent scouting events.

Ike Turner was born at the 5th of November 1931 in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Ike’s influence at Anna Mae’s music career should be very important and he gave her also, her artists name Tina Turner. March 1951, Ike did record the record "Rocket 88" at the Sam Phillips Studio. Singer was Jackie Brenston together with the Ike Turner Band; this record is mostly called the first Rock and Roll recording.

After Anna Mae’s grandmother past away in 1957 she moved to St.Louis. Her mother and sister lived there already. Tina became a regular visitor of the than very popular nightclub "Club Manhattan". The band "Kings of Rhythm" did entertain here every night. Ike Turner was their bandleader. Anna Mae was very eager to perform with the band and at one night she grabbed the microphone and started singing. Ike was immediately interested in this young girl and particularity in her very raw blues voice. And of course her sexy appearance at the stage did help too.

Her mother wasn’t very pleased to hear, that her daughter became a singer in a band. Ike didn’t exactly have a clean sheet and it was also widely known that he liked girls a lot and a fight came often on his way too. But after a visit at Anna Mae’s home and a talk with her mother Zelma, it was swiftly agreed, that Anna Mae had permission to be the singer at his band.

Ike and Anna Mae first lived together as a brother and sister. He bought her cloth and he arranged for instance a dentist to put her teeth in a right manner. Anna Mae had meanwhile a relation with Raymond Hill the saxophone player of the band. In the year 1957 Anna Mae became pregnant out of this relation and she did get her first son Raymond Craig. Soon after this, the relation stranded.

Anna Mae did take a job at the hospital to earn some extra money for her and her son. She worked at the children’s ward. In the evening she performed with the band. It was a hard life, but at that time life was good for her.

In the year 1959 Anna Mae started to live together with Ike and soon they lived as man and wife. Within a year she was pregnant, which did result in her second son Ronald. By accident, because the original planned singer didn’t arrive Tina recorded at the age of twenty the single “Fool in Love” as "Little Ann" together with the "Kings of Rhythm". This recording became unexpected a hit.

Tina moved together with Ike to Los Angeles in the year 1961. It was here; that Ike came up with her artist name Tina Turner and the group "The Ike and Tina Turner Revue" became a fact. The Revue was always on the road and did meanwhile record a few Rhythm and Blues hits. Tina had to take care of four children now, because she did take care for the two children out of Ike’s first marriage too. Ike and Tina married in the year 1961 in a Mexican town, Tijuana. Ike forgot to tell Tina that he wasn’t official divorced from his first wife.

The band did get very popular; the Revue now had nine band members, three backing vocals "The Ikettes" and Tina as lead singer. A side effect of the growing success was; Ike’s personality became very dominant and explosive. He began to control all aspects of the group at stage but also off stage. Tina had to cope with the fact that she very regularly bodily and mentally was abused.

The music of the Revue was a loud and powerful Rhythm and Blues. Ike played the guitar and did cover the whole stage. Tina and the Ikettes performed in the spotlights and did show their act. They also performed the popular dances at that time, like for instance the Pony, the Hully Gully and the Bristol Stomp. The Revue did cover the whole USA with their performances and recorded a lot singles, but this didn’t result in a lot of success in the known hit parades. There wasn’t, any group which could beat them at the stage, it was unique.

Phil Spector did ask Tina in the year 1965 to record with him as producer a single. Ike wasn’t very pleased that he had to take a step back but Phil didn’t like his work as producer. The famous "Wall of Sound" and the magnificent voice of Tina made "River Deep Mountain High" a huge success in both the UK and Europe. Success in the USA stayed at a low level. This single impressed the Rolling Stones, so they asked Ike & Tina to go on tour with them through the UK. It was Tina’s first visit to the UK and she loved it very much. It seems the right time for the band to make a final break through.

Ike’s behaviour became more and more unreasonable and Tina started to make herself a little bit less dependent from Ike’s efforts to control her life. Tina’s private life was hell. Tina regularly did get beatings and often stood with bruises at the stage, once even with a broken jawbone. Leaving the band was a problem because Tina didn’t have any money and she had to take care for the four boys too.

When Tina became pregnant again in 1967. Tina was desperate and an abortion did seem at that time the only way out. At that time Tina was so depressed that she did take an overdose of pills to make an end to her life. At the hospital they emptied her stomach and luckily she survived. But Ike still was as violent as always and even not fully recovered and still staying at the hospital he did get her out to get her on stage.

In the year 1969 I bought my first Ike & Tina LP "River Deep Mountain High", by the local retailer “Radio Van Dijk", this LP was the fruit of the first recording together with Phil Spector as producer. This record on the London label is still my favourite LP. Releases of a later date never had this wonderful sound not even the CD releases couldn’t reach this quality and sound. I was Ike & Tina Turner fan for live.

For the band 1969 was a good year, Ike & Tina had a hit single with "I've Been Loving You Too Long". The Rolling Stones asked them for their USA tour. Money was floating in and Ike began his own recording studio. Tina didn’t get anything from their gains.

1971 was the year that “Proud Mary" was recorded by Ike & Tina. John Fogerty wrote this song and it was released earlier through the Creedence Clearwater Revival. John Fogerty was at that time a band member and founder of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Proud Mary became a number 4 hit and more than a million records were sold. The song "Nutbush City Limits" was a hit in the year 1972. It reached number 2 in the UK charts and number 22 in the USA.

1971 was the year that Ike & Tina did get a Grammy Award for the best Rhythm and Blues Performance by a duo and or a group. It was for their hit single "Proud Mary".

Valerie Bishop started in 1974 as a secretary working at the Revue. She was a Buddhist follower and through her Tina did get knowledge of this faith and she was touched by it. The chant "Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo", which must be in a particularly rhythm continuous repeated, gave Tina the power to stand the brutalities of Ike.

Tina’s great opportunity to become something different than a singer in the band came when Ken Russell in 1974 gave her the role of the "Acid Queen" in the movie "Tommy". Tina was great. Tina began to realise that there could be a future without Ike, but she needed still some time.

The Revue's popularity went down dramatically and Ike and Tina’s marriage did get at it deepest point. The next tour was at its starting point when Ike and Tina did get a very violent fight in their limousine. They were on their way to a Dallas hotel. Later that evening Ike was completely out of this world through drugs and alcohol usage.

That evening in the year 1975 Tina left Ike for good. All Tina could take were her clothes she was wearing and a credit card worth 36 cents. Tina was poor but not defeated. Tina Turner travelled all around the USA and had also to fight the claims of Ike in many court cases, which he begun. Divorce was official in 1976. Tina did get what she asked; there should be no more claims opposed to her by Ike. He did get in return the right to all their earnings ever made in their career and marriage. The judge did give Tina the right to use forever her artist name Tina Turner.

Tina Turner began her solo career with a new small band, her target that time were the small clubs. Tina recorded a few singles but it wasn’t a success. Her first album was "Rough", 1978. At that time it wasn’t a big success. So Tina decided to take a completely new management. Roger Davies began to change her image from a Rhythm and Blues diva to a more Rock 'n' Roller. Her future at last was brightening up, also through her performance with the Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart. But also David Bowie had a great influence, most of all because he was the reason that the record bosses of Capitol did visit a Tina performance, they saw Tina perform at the New York, Ritz Hotel. David had originally another appointment that evening but he said he couldn’t come because he was planning to see Tina Turner that night. This was an eye-opener for the Capitol bosses. This was also the start of her comeback, which did result in a nice contract with Capitol Records / EMI in 1983.

Tina’s single “Let's Stay Together” did reach the charts in Europe; this was the step to the USA album "Private Dancer". This album was in less than two weeks recorded in a London studio. This album was de source for the 1984 number 1 hit “What's Love Got to Do With It?". Tina renewed her status of Superstar through this album . From this album more than 10 million copies were sold all over the world.

1984 was a real Grammy Award year for Tina too, she did get Grammy’s for; The record of the year (What's Love Got To Do With It?); The best pop vocal performance for the same song; The best rock vocal performance for the three singles (Better Be Good To Me, One Of The Living en Back Where You Started); and one for the album "Tina Live in Europe".

Tina performed in a marvellous double act with Mick Jagger at the Live Aid Concert. Since this performance Tina performed "All Over The World" and all her concerts were completely "Sold Out". Tina performed with other superstars as, David Bowie, Bryan Adams and Eric Clapton. Tina did get a role in the movie "Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome". "We Don't Need Another Hero" is the hit single from this movie.

Tina began a relation with the German record record boss Erwin Bach in the year 1986. Until this day Tina is living together with Erwin in Switzerland. Pepsi Cola was the sponsor of her 1987 "Break Every Rule Tour". The 1988 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil concert took place for a record-breaking 182,000 spectators. This tour did break records in thirteen countries for the total numbers of spectators and revenues.

The 1988 tour was meant to be the farewell tour of Tina, but luckily Tina had so much power and spirit left, that a lot of tours followed in the next years. 1989 was the year the hit single "Simply The Best" was released; it is still the most played song especially at sports games and everywhere where someone is “The Best”.

The 1st of November 1990 was the day that Tina performed for the first time in my hometown, Heerenveen, The Netherlands. The “Thialf IJsstadion” was the place to be. It was an unforgettable event and a smashing performance. I stood there and was astonished and had an unforgettable night. It was the same show as taped that year in Barcelona, Spain.

1991 Tina was installed into “The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame", because of her exceptional achievements and for the, at that time more than 50 million records sold around the globe.

Tina’s autobiographic book "I Tina" was filmed in the year 1993 and did get an Oscar nomination. She performed herself in the last minutes of this movie, called "What's Love Got to Do With It"? In the same year Tina played a small role as mayor of a city in the movie "Last Action Hero".

The "Wildest Dreams Tour" started in 1996 and this tour confirmed Tina’s status as superstar again. Tina was the first singer to perform at the, at that time newly build Amsterdam ArenA. The show was taped here. It was a true happening. In Heerenveen Tina performed at the 23rd of November 1996. This show had about 10.000 spectators and for a town where about 15.000 residents live it was quite an achievement to organise a show of this kind. The show was as always sold out. Two years later Tina performed at the New York, City's Beacon Theatre at the VH1 show together with Cher, Whitney Houston and Brandy. The Video and later the DVD "VH1 Diva's Live" is a bestseller.

Tina is still popular in the USA, but her popularity in the rest of the world is even greater and speciality in the UK Tina is hot. But also in The Netherlands, Tina has traditionally a lot of fans; even her fan club is founded here.

In 1997 Tina recorded together with Eros Ramazzotti a single and did appear in the hit charts again. The television clip was beautiful. A nice video clip in a very old town, a beautiful Tina, a nice guy and a beautiful vintage car.

The "Twenty Four Seven Millennium Tour 2000" started in 2000 and at the same time Tina’s new CD “Twenty Four Seven” was released. The London concert took place at the Wembley Stadium and was taped here too. The Video (only released in England) and the DVD "One Last Time" was released just after the tour. Tina performed at the 18th of July 2000 on Dutch soil. The “Stadspark, Groningen” was that night the place to be; it was a one-night stand in The Netherlands.

At the European Leg of the Tour Tina sang for the first time together with John Fogarty the song “Proud Mary”. Before this tour she never had a meeting with John face to face. It was as I did meet the father of the baby I did care so long for she said at the "All the Best" interview on the 24/7 DVD. John Fogerty warmed the crowd in the European "Twenty Four Seven Millennium Tour 2000". 2000 was also the year that Tina took part in the Disney movie "Brother Bear" with the song "Great Spirits". Phil Collins wrote the music.

Open Arms released, November 2000 is Tina’s latest single. The album "All the Best" is released in 2004 and contains two new songs. The release date for the USA is February 2005. To promoot this album Tina performs at the “Oprah Winfrey Show” and when asked she did leave open the possibility to give a big "One of the Kind" concert in for example New York.

Tina is for a great part of the year living at her Swiss apartment. She spends a lot of time at her nice mansion at the South of France too. She feels more at home in Europe than in the USA. She said that as a “Southern USA Girl" she is feeling fine with the European way of life. Tina loves to have all the conveniences of the big city, but in Europe always the rural live is near. The Swiss people have a very strict way of life; this is something Tina likes too.

Tina now (2005) is taking part in an Indian movie about a goddess.



These listing will most likely not cover all releases, but in other listings at this site you maybe find more details.

Solo Singles Tina

1966 River Deep - Mountain High

1976 The Acid Queen

1979 Root Toot Indisputable Rock 'n' Roller

1979 Sometimes When We Touch

1979 Hurricane

1979 Backstabbers

1982 Ball of Confusion

1983 Let's Stay Together

1984 Help

1984 What's Love Got To With It?

1984 Better Be Good

1984 Private Dancer

1985 I Can't Stand the Rain

1985 We Don't Need Another Hero

1985 One of the Living

1986 Typical Male

1986 Two People

1988 Addicted To Love

1988 Tonight Live (with David Bowie)

1988 634 - 5789 (with Robert Cray)

1989 The Best

1989 Foreign Affair

1989 Steamy Windows

1989 I Don't Wanna Lose You

1990 Look Me In the Heart

1990 Be Tender With Me Baby

1990 It Takes Two (with Rod Stewart)

1991 Nutbush City Limits (90's version)

1991 Way of the World

1992 Love Thing

1992 I Want You Near Me

1993 I Don't Wanna Fight

1993 Why Must We Wait Until Tonight

1993 Disco Inferno

1993 Proud Mary (US version)

1995 Goldeneye

1996 Something Beautiful Remains

1996 Missing You

1996 On Silent Wings

1996 Whatever You Want

1996 Hot Legs (with Tom Jones)

1996 In Your Wildest Dreams (with Barry White)

1997 When I Was Young

1997 Cose Della Vita (Can't Stop Thinking of You)

1999 When The Heartache is Over

2000 Whatever You Need

2000 When The Heartache Is Over (US vinyl 7")

2000 Don't Leave Me This Way

2004 Open Arms


Solo Albums Tina


1974 The Country of Tina Turner

1975 Acid Queen

1978 Rough

1979 Love Explosion

1984 Private Dancer

1984 Private Dancer Mixes

1986 Break Every Rule

1988 Tina Live In Europe

1989 Foreign Affair

1990 Rough (re-issue)

1990 Love Explosion (re-issue)

1991 Tina Goes Country

1991 Simply The Best

1991 Acid Queen (re-issue)

1992 Legs, Live in Chicago

1993 What's Love Gotta Do With It?

1994 The Collected Recordings - Sixties To Nineties

1994 Private Dancer Tour 85 Live

1996 Wildest Dreams

1999 Twenty Four Seven

1999 Soul Deep - CD

1999 Tina Turner Dues Paid

2000 All That Glitters

2004 All The Best


DVD, Video, CD video and CDi


1982 Nice 'n' Rough Live

1984 Private Dancer

1985 Tina Live Private Dancer Tour

1985 What You See Is What You Get

1986 Break Every Rule

1987 Break Every Rule, Live

1989 Foreign Affair

1991 Do You Want Some Action, Live In Barcelona '90

1991 Simply The Best

1991 The Girl From Nutbush

1993 What's Love Got To Do With It?

1993 What's Love Live 1993

1994 Tina Live Private Dancer Tour

1996 Wildest Dreams Live In Amsterdam 1996

1999 Celebrate 60th Birthday Special

2000 One Last Time Live In Concert

2002 Simply The Best

2005 All The Best


Tina in the Dutch Veronica Top 1000:

983    Nutbush City Limits (with Ike Turner)
946    When The Heartache Is Over
876    I Don't Wanna Lose You
846    We Don't Need Another Hero
779    I Don't Wanna Fight
743    Cose Della Vita (with Eros Ramazzotti)
715    Let's Stay Together
687    It Takes Two (with Rod Stewart)
655    What's Love Got To Do With It
562    Tonight (with David Bowie)
446    It's Only Love (with Bryan Adams)
252    The Best
224    Typical Male
178    Proud Mary (with Ike Turner)
111    Private Dancer

Albums Ike & Tina Turner


1961 The Soul of Ike & Tina Turner

1963 Dynamite

1963 Don't Play Me Cheap

1963 It's Gonna Work Out Fine

1964 Get It

1964 The Ike & Tina Turner Revue

1964 The Ike & Tina Turner Show, Live Volume 2

1965 The Ike & Tina Turner Show, Live

1965 Ike & Tina Greatest Hits

1966 River Deep - Mountain High

1966 The Soul of Ike & Tina Turner

1967 Festival of Live Performances

1968 So Fine

1968 Ike & Tina Turner

1969 Cussin', Cryin' and Carryin' on

1969 Get It Together

1969 Get It, Get It

1969 Her man, His Woman

1969 Outta Season

1969 The Hunter

1969 Ike & Tina Turner & The Ikettes In Person

1970 Come Together

1970 River Deep Mountain High (re-issue)

1970 The Ike & Tina Turner Show

1971 Workin' Together

1971 Live In Paris

1971 Live at Carnegie Hall

1971 What You See Is What you Get

1972 Nuff Said

1972 Feel Good

1973 Let Me Touch Your Mind

1973 Ike & Tina Turner's Greatest Hits

1973 Live in the World of Ike & Tina Turner

1973 Nutbush City Limits

1973 The Best of Ike & Tina Turner

1973 Peaches

1974 The Gospel According to Ike & Tina Turner

1974 Sweet Rhode Island Red

1977 Delilah's Power

1979 Soul Sellers

1979 Mississippi Rolling Stone

1980 The Edge (Ike Turner)


DVD Video Ike & Tina Turner


1999 The Best of Musikladen

2003 Special Edition EP

2004 The Legends Live '71


Singles Ike and Tina Turner


vanaf 1960


A Fool in Love / The Way You Love Me

I Idolize You / Letter From Tina

I'm Jealous / You're My Baby

It's Gonna Work / Won't You Forgive Me

Poor Fool / You Can't Blame Me

I Can't Believe What You Say / My Baby Now

Finger Poppin' / Ooh Pop A Doo

Please, Please, Please / (Am I) A Fool In Love

River Deep - Mountain High / I'll Keep You Happy

Tell Her I'm Not At Home / Finger Poppin'

Anything You Want Born With / Beauty Is Just Skin Deep

A Love Like Yours / Hold On Baby

Goodbye So Long / Hurt Is All You Gave Me

Somebody (Somewhere) Needs You / Just To Be With You

I'm Hooked / Dust My Broom

I'll Never Need More Than This / Save The Last Dance For Me

So Fine / So Blue Over You

We Need an Understanding / It Sho Ain't Me

River Deep - Mountain High / Save The Last Dance For Me

I'm Gonna Do All I Can / You've Got Too Many Ties That Bind

I'll Never Need More Than This / A Love Like Yours

Crazy 'Bout You Baby / I've Been Loving You Too Long

Come Together / Honky Tonk Woman

Make 'Em Wait / Everyday I Have To Cry

Singles Ike & Tina Turner continuation


The Hunter / Bold Soul Sister

I Want To Take You Higher / Contact High

Proud Mary / Funkier Than a Mosquita's Tweeter

River Deep - Mountain High / Oh Baby

Ooh Poo Pah Doo / I Wanna Jump

I'm Yours / Doin' It

Feel Good / Outrageous

Let Me Touch Your Mind / Chopper

River Deep - Mountain High / A Love Like Yours / Save The last Dance For Me

Born Free / Work On Me

Nutbush City Limits / Help Him

Fancy Annie / River Deep - Mountain High

Sweet Rhode Island Red / Get It Out of Your Mind

Sexy Ida (part 1) / Sexy Ida (part 2) 

Baby Get It On / Baby Get It On (disco version)

Delilah's Power / That's My Purpose

A Fool in Love (Millennium issue 2001)


This concised biographic and discographic publication has very different sources and is also from my own knowledge.