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1992 Roundtrip to Scotland, Outer Hebrides and England The concise tour listing.

This year at last the trip I wanted to make for such a long time. The trip to the Outer Hebrides. This year I had the time to plan this trip properly. I wanted to take the Caledonian MacBrayne Hopscotch tour number 9. First I did write a letter to get confirmed the wanted sailing dates. Within a week I did receive the answer from Caledonian MacBrayne, no problem. Than I had to pay through the Royal Bank of Scotland. Don’t forget if you are paying from abroad to state, that it is at “Our Costs” otherwise the operator doesn’t get the full amount and the deal is off.

Caledonian MacBrayne the main transporters these holidays

To book the Hook of Holland - Harwich ferry was a little bit easier. My local tour operator AMRO Bank did take care of this.

Tuesday the 7th of July Heerenveen - Colchester

Today was the first time I couldn’t drive straight to the polder. Road maintenance at Zeewolde was causing the trouble. Without further delays, just in time reached Hook of Holland.

Hook of Holland Good Bye, the holidays are here.

On board everything was well-organised and good food too. The British customs were the same as usual, looking in every corner of the camper, what’s your go and were are you going to? The people in England are luckily a lot more hospitable than the customs employees. Colchester camping is just a half our drive from Harwich, so around eight o’clock I could settle down. In just a few minutes, I did transform my VW transporter into a VW camper to fool the Dutch road taxes, for lower taxes it’s better to have a transporter in The Netherlands, but the British authorities don’t know about this and at these holidays a camper is more useful. The “Crown Inn” is close by and it’s a nice little Pub too. When I came in the barkeeper said: “Another year already”, because I have been here many times. My answer: Yes, and just the same please, a pint of real Ale is the result.

Wednesday the 8th of July Colchester - Market Rasen

Next day at Bury St. Edmunds was a nice market (also cattle) and good coffee too. The rest of the day I drove through Norfolk and Lincolnshire. The Market Rasen campsite beside the Race Course was easy to find.

Market Rasen Race Course Camp Site

In the evening you can take a nice walk along the racetrack grounds. The local Brass band did have their exercises in one of the rooms at the racetrack. Luckily they stopped around ten o’clock.

Thursday the 9th of July Market Rasen - Ullswater

It was a rainy and windy day, typical English you can say. My target today was the Lake District. The Limefitt Park at Ambleside was not so difficult to find, because I had been here before. But I wasn’t welcome anymore, because I’m alone and it’s a family campsite now. The lady of the reception could understand my astonishment and irritation. After a little talk, she had to admit, that she saw no reason not to accept me, but you know head office and so on and rules are rules and all that kind of bullshit. I could really give vent to my feelings about discrimination against people travelling alone and the advantage the tourist industry takes of them. I wished them luck and did find a nicer campsite run by the “Brothers Water Inn” owner at Ullswater. A nice trip too, through the “Kirkstone Pass”.

Highest Pub of England at the Kirkstone Pass, Lake District


Friday the 10th of July Ullswater

Today I had a nice tour through beautiful surroundings and however it’s a little bit busy on the roads. Nature looks still wild. The army had some kind of display at Windemere to get new recruits, you could even bungee jump.

Windemere is a nice town with a lot of good shops and restaurants. Windemere still has some of that old glory.

Saturday the 11th of July Ullswater - Motherwell (Glasgow)

The A592 is a nice road to drive. Motherwell is a part of Glasgow the campsite is very large and is beside a rowing course. The warden wouldn’t let me stay at first, because at his view I had a “Commercial Van” and it’s not allowed to camp in it. When I did show him the inside of the Van it was all right.

At the weekend there was a regatta. You had also Dutch competitors, I was glad with it otherwise it should have been a very lonely night. Strathclyde Park is very quiet at night.

Sunday the 12th of July Motherwell - Oban

Even at a Sunday morning the M8 through Glasgow is very busy. But I did reach Erskine Bridge without any delays and could go on to the more tranquil north. At Lush I did take some coffee in an Inn where so some people say, Paul McCartney drinks his coffee too on his way to Kintyre. Through Argyll and the Glencoe it’s a very nice drive to Oban. You see a lot of mountaineers when driving through the Glencoe. This morning I also saw a caravan broken to pieces. Through the severe winds it started to swerve and did hit a piece of overhanging rock.

Oban campsite is at the bottom of the town, nearby a diving school and the harbour. Caledonian MacBrayne is sailing to many destinations from Oban. Like Mull, Barra and South Uist.

Monday the 13th of July Oban

The weather wasn’t nice today, so I did visit a glass-works shop, they were blowing different shapes out of just a piece of piping hot glass. Oban is a nice city to nose about.

Oban Harbour

At the campsite I did get new neighbours, five Dutchman in a very old car (Citroën) and a tent that I think will not stand a lot of rough weather. But they are nice and friendly.

Tuesday the 14th of July Oban - Pollacher

Sailing was this afternoon around three o’clock. Lochboisdale, South Uist is the next stop. I did take a picture of one of the passengers, I didn’t know a 250cc. Suzuki could carry so much weight. It’s a miracle.

Ferry from Oban to Lochboisdale, South Uist. A 250cc. Suzuki can carry a lot of weight it seems.

The sailing was calm at a smooth sea. There aren’t any campsites at South Uist according the Lochboisdale Tourist Information Centre. Pollacher at the south coast is however very popular by campers and it’s allowed to camp here. Camping is allowed everywhere it seems. I did find a wonderful spot at a nice beach and at a sunny day you can see America too I think. My closed neighbours are a couple of Germans, about two miles away.

Pollacher free camping at the Atlantic Ocean, between here and America there is only water.

I had a wonderful night, taking a walk along the beach, reading a book, this is peace, this is life. At half past ten there’s still some daylight left. At half past twelve I suddenly was awake, I heard a lot of noise and bagpipes playing just behind the Campervan. Two Scots were playing the bagpipes and a third one played the drums. They left after about one quarter, but they were back at a quarter past one. I didn’t respond to the noise, I wasn’t in need for a few drunken Scots. At a quarter to two I only did hear the ocean again.

Wednesday the 15th of July Pollacher - Benbecula

At the end of the road nearby the Pollacher Pub I did see the first standing stone of many on these isles. Driving north you get a good impression of the loneliness of “The Hebrides” and you notice there aren’t any trees. You see also a lot of monuments beside the road. Coffee at the “Orsey Inn” was good, the road to this Inn became very narrow the further you came and it ended in just a path. I was the only customer and had a friendly welcome. I suppose they don’t see a lot of customers over here.

Benbecula is actually a small Island in between North – and South Uist. Before the second world war it wasn’t connected yet, but to hinder German U-boats reaching the Allied fleet at Scapa Flow Churchill ordered to build these causeways. Nice still, because it cuts out two ferries.

In the afternoon the weather became real nasty. A Campervan is luxury than. Awnings of another camper couldn’t hold it against the storm. I did listen to the live coverage of the “Tour the France” at my shortwave radio.

According to the inhabitants of the Hebrides they have the depression expedition centre over here. From here it’s distributed and is made the decision where the depressions have to go; To the North (Scandinavia), To the middle (The low countries and England) or to the south. And everyone knows in every distribution centre there are always some goods left behind. That’s case at the Hebrides.

Thursday the 16th of July Benbecula - Lochmaddy

Driving along a B-road to Lochmaddy it isn’t busy. People do live here scattered around, it’s all very remote and there isn’t a lot of luxury so to see. Lochmaddy doesn’t have a campsite, but it’s allowed to camp at the harbour parking. Campers just have taken this piece land. Had a nice evening in Lochmaddy sending everybody at home a postcard, to let everyone know “I’m all right and enjoying myself”.

The Suzuki motorbike still carries his weight all the way from Oban. His driver is waiting for the Uig ferry to the Isle of Skye. This ferry also sails to the Isle of Harris. There are more passengers going to Skye than to Harris.

Friday the 17th of July Lochmaddy - Drinishader

This Friday morning the shops are closed. Strange. Boarding the ferry was a strange experience; The first cars had to drive backwards onboard, they will board at Uig, The last cars me included had to drive forward onboard, because we were boarding at Harris.

Lochmaddy North Uist

At the very primitive and soggy campsite at Drinishader I met a Dutch couple from Apeldoorn. I did meet them also at Lochmaddy; We now had the time to talk a little about our trip so far. For instance about the farm alongside the road which had very unusual for this Isles a lot of trees around the farmhouse. These trees had to fight the over here so common westerly winds. They did grow small at the Westside and ended tall at the eastside.

In the night we inspected our stance, because we had some fear that the wheels would sink away in the soggy underground. You could feel the grounds moving, when walking over. The drinking water wasn’t very clean and boiling it first is a must.

Drinishader Campsite at Harris, soggy and primitive

Saturday the 18th of July

This morning we didn’t have to shuffle our cars out of the mud. Along the east coast I did drive to Rodel, Harris most southerly point. From here along the west coast to Tarbert through magnificent nature. At first I did planned to stay at Tarbert but the weather is so good that I decided to drive to Stornoway, Lewis. Because Tarbert looks a little bit lonely and I expect to have more fun at the bigger Stornoway campsite and city. It’s Saturday after all. Stornoway is a lot busier than the rest of the Hebrides. But that isn’t so strange because there are living more people in this city than at all the other Isles together.

Laxdale campsite isn’t busy but compared to the other campsites it’s crowded. It is convenient for the city and to tour around Lewis. A Dutch boy from the city of Rheden is spending holidays over here by bicycle. He travelled by train from The Netherlands to Edinburgh and did cycle from Edinburgh through Scotland to Lewis. Not something you expect from an employee of the Ministry of Agriculture laboratories.

Sunday the 19th of July Stornoway

At the most northern point of Lewis you find the "Butt of Lewis" lighthouse. There are a lot of cats around the lighthouse.

Butt of Lewis

Nature is very beautiful driving through the peat-moors. There isn’t anyone working today. According to the amount of cars parked alongside the church, I think that most of the people are attending the Sunday service.

At every house you see a big stacks of turf, for cooking and heating. They burn their own land this way.

Monday the 20th of July Stornoway

This morning, I did drive a lovely tour and from Stornoway to the world famous “Callanish Stones”.

Callanish Standing Stones at Lewis

At a "Dun" (a centuries old pile of stones) I did meet the people from Apeldoorn again. They were driving the same tour clockwise and I did it anticlockwise. It started to rain so heavily that I had to run to the car, but I was wet all over.

Tuesday the 21st of July Stornoway

Tolsta Head was the go this morning. The road towards Tolsta Head wasn’t good at all and the last few miles I had to walk. It started to rain very heavily so after a short look, swiftly back to the car. The weather stayed like this the whole day.

Stornoway, Lewis view from the park

In the afternoon I drove from Stornoway to Tiumpan Head. This road was much better. The lighthouse people must like cats, because there were a lot of cats here too, just as at the "Butt of Lewis".

Wednesday the 22nd of July Stornoway - Ullapool

The ferry to Ullapool was right on time and the sea was calm. The campsite at Ullapool looks very busy. Everything looks busy on the mainland, coming back from the Hebrides. Knowing that this part of Scotland is quiet, and still it looks busy.

Tonight there was a realistic exercise of the Ullapool fire brigade. There was an accident between a normal car and a tank-car. The fire fighters used a lot of foam and the harbour was full of it after the exercise.

Thursday the 23rd of July Ullapool - Ballater

Today I drove along Inverness, the A939 through the Grampians. A nice drive with nice views and steep parts. Sheep are running loose at the road, so you have to watch out. The highest parts of the Grampians are often also ski resorts, where also are many activities during Summer.

Ballater is an old village, 1986 the railway station closed. In early days the Royal Family arrived at this station to stay at their castle. Almost every shop in the village had the sign “by appointment to her Majesty”. The village now is a place where you find many hotels and a campsite to serve the tourists.

Friday the 24th of July Ballater - Edinburgh

The drive through Breamer and the “Devil’s Elbow” to Edinburgh was very nice. The busload of Dutch tourists wasn’t nice. I did over hear them in a restaurant, the coffee wasn’t good the cake wasn’t good in Holland everything was better. Stay at home than.

The Edinburgh campsite “Little France” is very convenient for visiting Edinburgh. The bus stop is in front of the campsite. You can see the Craigmillan Castle from the campsite, I did visit the castle, it’s a nice kept and small.

Saturday the 25th of July Edinburgh

Shopping at a Saturday is nice special when the sun shines. The “Royal Mile” is also a nice street to walk, a lot of small shops and Pubs. Rose Street is for the thirsty tourists heaven. 

Edinburgh Royal Mile

I bought a few Tina Turner CD’s and four Tanith Lee fantasy novels, the first is my favourite singer and the second my favourite female writer.

Sunday the 26th of July Edinburgh - York

Today I drove along Jedburgh and the hilly A68 to York. I always stay at the “Rawcliffe Manor” campsite when visiting York. The campsite has a good restaurant and a nice Pub, very convenient after a long drive. Nearby there are a lot of shops and the “Green Line” bus to York city centre is close by.

Monday the 27th of July York

I tried to visit the “Yorvik the Viking” exposition telling the history of York, but it was to busy. I’ll be back another year.

York has a lot of charity shops and so on. Nice to nose around, bought some records, books and a lot more.

Tuesday the 28th of July York - Colchester

The more you approaches the south the busier the roads. The A1 is very busy, but nice to drive through and the “Little Chefs” are always in easy reach. Did visit Cambridge for a while and than I drove through to Colchester Camping.

The supermarket is close by and I bought some Colman’s Mustard, Cider, Ale, Salt & Vinegar and Cheese & Union Crisps. You cannot get these goods in The Netherlands or they are very expensive.

Wednesday the 29th of July Colchester

Colchester city is a nice city to shop and look around. I did go by bicycle. Someone has stolen my pump, thieves are also here it seems.

Colchester The Oldest Recorded Town in England

Colchester is an old city and has the charisma of it.

Thursday the 30th of July Colchester - Heerenveen

The crossing of the North Sea was very calm. Heerenveen hadn’t changed the last weeks. Your own bed sleeps well the first nights at home.

Impression from the holidays, photo album 1992

The tour in chronological order.

The Netherlands


Scotland Mainland

South Uist


North Uist



Scotland Mainland


The Netherlands


The tour day by day from start to end, dates and timetables ferries.


Tuesday the 7th of July

Heerenveen - Colchester

Ferry: Stena Line, Hook of Holland - Harwich, sailing 12.00 h.

Wednesday the 8th of July

Colchester - Market Rasen

Thursday the 9th of July

Market Rasen - Ullswater

Friday the 10th of July

Ullswater Tour

Saturday the 11th of July

Ullswater - Motherwell (Glasgow)

Sunday the 12th of July

Motherwell - Oban

Monday the 13th of July

Oban City

Tuesday the 14th of July

Oban - Pollacher

Ferry: Caledonian MacBrayne, Oban - Lochboisdale, 15.00 h.

Wednesday the 15th of July

Pollacher - Benbecula

Thursday the 16th of July

Benbecula - Lochmaddy

Friday the 17th of July

Lochmaddy - Drinishader

Ferry: Caledonian MacBrayne, Lochmaddy - Tarbert, 14.00 h.

Saturday the 18th of July

Drinishader - Stornoway

Sunday the 19th of July

Stornoway Tour

Monday the 20th of July

Stornoway Tour

Tuesday the 21st of July

Stornoway Tour

Wednesday the 22nd of July

Stornoway - Ullapool

Ferry: Caledonian MacBrayne, Stornoway - Ullapool.

Thursday the 23rd of July

Ullapool - Ballater

Friday the 24th of July

Ballater - Edinburgh

Saturday the 25th of July

Edinburgh City

Sunday the 26th of July

Edinburgh - York

Monday the 27th of July

York City

Tuesday the 28th of July

York - Colchester

Wednesday the 29th of July

Colchester City

Thursday the 30th of July

Colchester - Heerenveen

Ferry: Stena Line, Harwich - Hook of Holland            , 11.00 h.