Tour 1982 -'84 - '85
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From our holidays in the years 1982, 1984 and 1985. Just some pictures.

Pictures I made

at our

1982 journey



Edinburgh Castle from Princess Street

Petrol pump nearby the Scottish Border

The Border Stone

Edinburgh Castle

Loch Ness

Luss for good Coffee Break

One of the many Lochs at the West Coast


Pictures I made

at our

1984 journey


 England and Wales

The city with the longest name in the World

Beauly Motor Museum

Display at the Museum

Liverpool and a Big Beatle Fan

Nostalgia at Liverpool

The Beatles are Hot at Liverpool

Abbey Road Display

Stonehenge at the Salisbury Plains

Sennybridge Campsite Steam Train to the top of Snowdon Mountain
Taken from the Steam Train At the highest peak of Wales


Pictures from our 1985 journey

 to Ireland

Wreck seen at the Ring of Dingle tour. Waiting for the Fisguard Ferry
Garnish Isle Garden at the Ireland West Coast West Coast Garage
Cliffs of Moher Ireland Cliffs of Moher Ireland West Coast
Colourful Sneem at the Ring of Kerry Sneem South-West Ireland

Westport Ireland, almost every evening live performances of music bands in most of the pubs 

You also can see Westport music sessions at the

Chieftains DVD "Water from the Well"