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Books and reading always has been one of my favourite free time spendings. Luckily we had a lot of books at home in my younger days. The local Library had a nice collection too. At first I did read a lot of children books, novels, detective stories and some wartime books. We also had a lot of comic books in our bookcase.

When I did read an article about Tolkien in a Dutch magazine "De Revue" I did get interested in Fantasy books. (Don’t mix up Fantasy and Science Fiction). Since that time I most of all read Fantasy and sometimes I take a side step to for instance Jack Vance to explore outer space a little bit. After reading the "The Birthgrave" sequence Tanith Lee is my favourite female writer and Terry Pratchett is since "The Colour of Magic" my favourite writer. By writing this I realise, I do a lot of other writers short, but if you see my booklist you may assume that I did read these writers with a lot of pleasure too.

bulletSF- Fantasy Here I publish the list of the books I bought for my own pleasure in the last forty years.
bulletComics At this list I publish the comics which I think are worth spending my money.
bulletTravel & More This list shows my travel books or - guides, but also for instance books about techniques and more.

Below I wrote two concise biographies about my favourite writers Tanith Lee and Terry Pratchett. 

Tanith Lee

Tanith Lee, born at the 19th of September 1947, London, England. Tanith is a modest and a little bit retiring writer, who did write from her childhood a lot of nice stories. The last more than thirty years she makes herself conspicuous with Fantasy Sequences like, 'The Stormlord', 'The Birthgrave' and 'The Lords of Darkness'. Lee does interchange Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror in all kind of combinations on a brilliant way. But Fantasy always dominates. She is very successful with it. Her writing about the most of the time female heroines in her stories is revealing and  fascinating. Her early work is often compared with the Jack Vance sequence ‘Dying Earth” . Lee had an educating at Art School, but writing was her passion. She is as specially good at describing of colourful people, landscapes and magical elements: Her worlds are in touching reach for you as reader. Beside this all, she knows how to describe sexuality as beautiful without any vulgarity. Real love counts. The BBC did broadcast two radio plays of her. The Dutch publisher ‘Meulenhoff’ did give her the honourable title of ‘The Crown Princess of the Fantasy Novel’ and they are right. The last years there is a little bit of silence surrounding Tanith, but all her books are fit to read again and again. ‘Cast a Bright Shadow’ is her latest sequence in The Netherlands.

Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett born at 1948 in England lives in Somerset now.  The atmosphere of this county does fit to his writing. Luckily Terry still has that drive to write. He lives together with his wife Lyn and their daughter Rhianna. Originally he made his money by being an electrician and bee-keeper too, but most of all Terry is a storyteller. The humour in his stories is great, but he also knows what makes people and society tick. So by reading his book you often do recognise situations or human behaviour from your daily life. A Pratchett reader starts laughing at the most unusually places. His writing career was at first not so obvious, he had a lot of jobs and most of the it was hopeless. Even a job as a journalist didn’t fit. Terry is a great optimist and enjoys life very much, these attitudes you find in his work too. In 1978 Terry published his first novel. 1982 he published ‘The Darkside of the Sun’ in The Netherlands. The Dutch publisher “Meulenhoff” is very enthusiastic about this, for The Netherlands new writer. Success wasn’t instantly, but started in 1987 when the publishing of the “Disc World” sequence was introduced. And this sequence is really good writing, the reader does recognise the different characters of all the different players in these stories. His fantasy novels are all bestsellers. For children he also knows to write real nice stories. Sometime critics say he is producing literature, nothing wrong with that.

This concised biographic publication has very different sources and is also from my own knowledge.